APC condemns the violent dispersal against the people of Dadap in Tangerang Regency

May 14, 2016


Jakarta, INDONESIA – The Asian Peasant Coalition (APC) strongly condemns the fascist attack against the poor fisherfolk families in the coastal areas of Kampung Baru Dadap Baru in Tangerang Regency in Indonesia on May 10.

The Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA) reported that the violence started when the people of Dadap Baru rejected the Tangerang administration’s decision to evict them from their homes and livelihoods located in the regency’s red-light district. More than 2,000 combined forces of the Civil Service Police, National Police of Indonesia and the military opened fired in a violent dispersal, wounding about six people and several others were hurt.

Rahmat Ajiguna, AGRA Chairperson, said “that the people of Dadap Baru rejected the second notice of eviction because the Tangerang authorities were not transparent about their plan and the residents do not agree with the government’s plan of building low-cost apartments and Islamic center in the area. People were not consulted and were not included in whole process.”
Rahmat explained that, “the people of Dadap militantly protested several attempts of eviction. Despite this, there are news that the government is implementing its plan on May 23. Unfortunately, there is no clarity on the destiny of 1,872 families comprising of small fisherfolks, small traders and casual laborers with uncertain income.”

In 2013, Tangerang regent Ahmed Zaki Iskandar revealed that the administration had teamed up with PT Tangerang International City (TIC), a developer belonging to conglomerate Salim Group, to reclaim seven islands, or 9,000 hectares of sea off the north coast of Tangerang. The islands were to stretch along 52 kilometers of the coast from Kronjo to Dadap.

“It is not true that Tangerang regency wanted only to put the area in order for its so-called plan for red-light district free Indonesia by 2019. The government is actually supporting the developers who are currently working on the Jakarta Bay reclamation of islets A, B, C and D which is adjacent to Dadap Baru. In fact, the government is planning to transfer its management to PT. Agung Sedayu Group,” added Rahmat, also the secretary general of APC.

“In order to implement the Jokowi government’s economic policy packages, massive evictions in urban and rural areas are intensifying. The so-called infrastructure projects like roads and railroads in Indonesia, which evicted thousands of rural communities, are actually intended to accelerate the flow of goods and raw materials for the investors. It never served the Indonesian people,” stressed Rahmat.

We demand the Jokowi government to stop land grabbing and genuinely serve its people.

“We hail the people of Dadap for being able to remain in their lands and their sources of life. We are with them in their struggle. We are calling the APC members and its networks to extend their support and solidarity to the people of Dadap,” ended Rahmat. #


Rahmat Ajiguna, AGRA Chairperson and APC Secretary General, Mobile no. +62 821-1085-7684
Moh. Ali, AGRA Secretary General, Mobile no. : +62 821-2013-5553