Communique of the Peasant Anti-Imperialist Solidarity (PAIS)

November 18, 2015


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With the theme “Defend victories, strengthen peasant solidarity, intensify struggles against feudalism and imperialism”, the Peasant Anti-Imperialist Solidarity (PAIS) gathered the representatives of social movements and grassroots organizations of small-scale farmers, fisherfolk, agricultural workers, and rural peoples of the world, together with institutions, NGOs and other advocates, to condemn the renewed global offensive of imperialism to further plunder, exploit, and oppress the peoples of the world in the name of profit and capital accumulation and, moreover, unite under the banner of militant anti-imperialist peasant movement.

Following the revolutionary tradition of the historical Anti-imperialist World Peasant Summit (AIWPS) in 1996, PAIS was held on 13 November 2015 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman in Quezon City, Philippines and timed to confront the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Uniting more 70 delegates representing 30 organizations coming from 7 countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Kurdistan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

PAIS produced an invaluable wealth of lessons drawn from experience of peasant struggles and victories. It also placed the rural peoples advance in the context of a world where the US hegemony is openly challenged, when imperialism is in a renewed global offensive of neoliberal plunder, crisis, and war, and when peasant and peoples’ uprising is imminent and ever growing. The peasantry and rural peoples have resolved to storm the heavens, reclaim their lands, and defeat imperialism for a socially just world!

I. Points of Unity
Monopoly capitalism is mired in protracted crisis. The financial crisis of 2008 continues to haunt the imperialist countries as massive bank bail-outs and austerity measures have failed tremendously to create resurgence in economic activity. The world economy is stagnating and the imperialist powers have depended on debt and speculation to maintain monopoly capitalist profits, creating further the conditions for a more acute and severe crisis.

In the face of a protracted crisis, imperialism is in a renewed offensive. Imperialism has used various insidious and repressive tools such as WB, IMF, and other international finance institutions (IFIs) to facilitate and consolidate their corporate agenda of privatization, liberalization and deregulation. Whereas Free Trade Agreements such as GATT-WTO, NAFTA, ASEAN, TPPA, FTAAP, RCEP etc., bilateral agreements and even non-binding fora which negotiate these FTAs such as APEC are responsible for the re-establishment and consolidation of neoliberal globalization to client colonies and semi-colonies.

The renewed imperialist offensive through various tools, mechanisms, policies and programs continue to plunder the land, labor and resources of developing countries through PPP, establishing new lines of international labor and value division, the global value chain (gvc) and global supply chain, causing aggravated landlessness thru corporate grabs, pseudo-climate mitigation mechanisms such as Green Economy, and market-assisted land reform.

Furthermore, small food producers continue to be assaulted by the onslaught of liberalization, as TNCs continue to control not only the world’s agricultural technology, seed, implements, and farm inputs, as well as the supply and marketing chain effectively controlling global prices and profiteering at the expense of producers’ demise, and the country’s food security.

All over Asia and in the global South, globalization has further worsened landlessness due to massive land grabbing, land-use and crop conversion, and plunder of natural resources. Governments have handed over vast tracts of agricultural and productive lands, ancestral lands of indigenous peoples, and long lines of shores and miles of sea stretches to mega PPP projects, foreign large-scale mining, TNC oil palm, sugar cane and bioethanol plantations, and ecotourism projects.

Militarization and vicious attacks of reactionary governments have always accompanied maldevelopment projects that serve imperialist corporate agenda, displacing farming and fishing communities, indigenous peoples, cruel extrajudicial and political killings of leaders, and incessant threats to the life, livelihood, and rights of the rural peoples and advocates.

But the worsening crisis of the global capitalist system, the cataclysmic revelations of the obscene imperialist plunder of the world, and renewed permeation of globalization, have forced peoples into resistance and has fostered the most favourable conditions for ever-growing peasant and rural unrest and peoples’ war in different continents, especially in the global south.

Victories after victories, the rural peoples have staked organized and collective action to the heart of globalization and imperialism – pushing projects and policies back, resisting savage military attacks, reclaiming lands, opposing corporate and neoliberal agenda, and waging resolute struggle against imperialism and reaction. There still lies a persistent need to expand and consolidate our victories and escalate our resistance against imperialism and feudalism.

We therefore renew our call on all the peasants, fisherfolk, agricultural workers, rural peoples, and peoples of the world to unite and advance anti-imperialist movements and struggles to greater heights through genuine peoples’ organizing, genuine peoples’ education, and mass revolutionary actions.

Defend victories, strengthen peasant solidarity, intensify struggles against feudalism and imperialism!
Down with feudalism!
Down with imperialism!