CPP-NPA no terrorist, US govt No. 1 terrorist – KMU

June 5, 2016


We condemn the US government for again labelling the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army as terrorist organizations.

It is the US government that is the No. 1 terrorist in the Philippines and in the world. It is responsible for the death of 1.5 million Filipinos in its drive to colonize the Philippines. By continuously waging wars of aggression in various global regions after World War 2, it is responsible for the death of more than 35 million workers and peoples of the world.

The CPP and the NPA are not terrorist organizations. They are revolutionary movements that fight for the country’s liberation from US imperialism and its allied ruling classes of big compradors and landlords. They are widely recognized as heroes in the struggle against the US-backed Marcos dictatorship. The definition of terrorists as people who attack civilian populations in order to achieve political ends does not apply to the CPP and the NPA.

It is clear that the US government made the statement in an effort to sabotage the peace talks between the CPP-NPA via the National Democratic Front of the Philippines on the one hand and the government of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on the other. It is also trying to boost its propaganda seeking to justify its scheme of intensifying its military intervention into the country.

The terrorist label on the CPP-NPA has been used to try to justify extra-judicial killings and other human-rights violations targeting members and leaders of progressive organizations, including the KMU, who are tagged as fronts of the CPP and recruiters of the NPA. The US government’s mis-labeling of the CPP-NPA as terrorist is not good news for human rights in the country.

We are calling on President-elect Duterte, the Royal Norwegian Government, and all Filipinos who uphold human rights and seek a just and lasting peace to shun the lies of US imperialism against the CPP-NPA. Let us rely on what we know about the CPP-NPA, not on the lies of US imperialism.

Reference: Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary-general, 0999-4499794