Filipino teachers to commemorate 2015 World Teachers Month through protest actions as they continue to suffer from meager and unjust pay scheme, reiterate calls for the immediate implementation of substantial pay increase for teachers and employees

September 6, 2015


Quezon City, Philippines – Alliance of Concerned Teachers and ACT NCR Union today announced their different activities in time for the 2015 World Teachers Month. Highlight of their activities include different protest actions pressing for the immediate granting of a substantial salary increase for teachers and employees.

“September 5 to October 5 is celebrated as Teachers’ Month worldwide. But, with the continuing poor plight of the Filipino teachers, we see no reason for a celebration. Instead of celebrating, it is just proper for us to hold and intensify our protests actions as the government continues to disregard our poor plight. Our take home cannot still take us home,” lamented Mr. Benjamin Valbuena, National Chair of Alliance of Concerned Teachers and President of ACT NCR Union.

Public elementary and high school teachers in the Philippines receive only a meager amount P18, 549 monthly pay while public college and university instructors are paid P16, 726 a month. A public employee’s starting pay is only P9, 000 per month.

“The government calls us as modern day heroes and yet our monthly pay deprives us and our families of our right for a just and decent living. We are raged with the Aquino government’s utter disregard of our legitimate right for a just and living wage. Magna Carta for Public School Teachers states that our monthly pay should be able to provide decent living for us and our families. Salary Standardization Law III also provided that government workers’ pay should be adjusted periodically every three years and the last increase was legislated in 2009,” stressed Mr. Valbuena.

“On September 8, Tuesday, we will welcome our month-long Teachers’ Month commemoration with the Sit-down Strike III and Grand Lobbying Protest at the House of Representatives to call on our congressmen/women to include in the 2016 National Budget the salary increase for public school teachers and employees. In particular, we call on them to pass into law House Bill 245 and 246 which will increase teachers pay from P18, 549 to P25, 000, college and university instructors pay from P16, 726 to P26, 878/month and employees monthly pay from P9, 000 to P 16, 000 monthly.

“The P50.6 billion included in the Department of Budget and Management’s proposal for salary adjustment will only result to a meager adjustment and will not give us a decent standard of living. We are ready to launch more militant form of mass actions if our call will remain unheeded,” ended Mr. Valbuena.

Mr. Benjie Valbuena, ACT National Chair & ACT NCR Union President, +63 916 -229 4515