Gabriela lauds support of managers and theater actors for Dalin Sarmiento

February 6, 2016


GABRIELA commends the statement of support of the Professional Artists Managers, Inc. (PAMI) for Ms. Dalin Sarmiento, who accused director Jay Altarejos of verbal and physical abuse while on the set of a movie that they were filming in October 2015. We believe that as managers, PAMI’s concern and support for their talents are essential in protecting the rights of artists, especially women, from abuse and exploitation.

In Philippine culture, “artistas”, especially the big name actors and actresses are highly regarded and are treated with respect and adulation, and are thus almost always given special treatment on the set. But other artists who are not as popular despite their talent, are not accorded the same privilege and, as it was in the case of Dalin, are even subjected to abuse and maltreatment. In such cases, their talent managers should rightfully serve as their first line of defense against such ill treatment.

We hope that PAMI’s statement can serve to encourage other talents to expose abuses done against them in the course of their work but are afraid to speak out, out of fear of isolation or joblessness.

In the same way, we also commend the Theater Actors Guild for condemning the violent act against their fellow actor Dalin and for their stand against violence in the workplace in general.

GABRIELA reiterates our support for Dalin in her case and hopes that other artists who are also victims of abuse will have the courage to stand up for their rights as Dalin did, especially with the strong support of their managers and their peers. ###

Reference: Joms Salvador, Secretary General (0918 9182150) / Public Info Desk (3712302)