Illegal lockout in Cebu Maternity Hospital hit

March 18, 2016


National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno condemned today the management of the Cebu Maternity Hospital, which is based in Cebu City, for carrying out an illegal lockout last Wednesday in the midst of a labor dispute in which employees are demanding a meager wage increase.

KMU also expressed support for the hospitals’ 12 resident doctors and 130 rank-and-file employees led by the Cebu Maternity Hospital Employees Independent Union, an affiliate of the Association of Democratic Labor Organizations-KMU, who are now holding a hunger strike in response to the illegal lockout.

In negotations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement which started in January 2015, employees demanded a P30 wage increase for 2015 and a P25 wage increase for 2016, but have since adjusted their demand to P10 and P15, respectively.

The management of the non-stock, non-profit hospital, however, asserted a mere P4.00 wage increase for 2015 and a zero wage increase for 2016, despite the hospital’s fund balance of P207 million in 2014.

“Cebu Maternity Hospital’s brutality towards its employees is most revolting. Hospitals should be about caring for patients and for employees who take care of patients,” said Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary-general.

The labor leader said the hospital, which services an average of 25,000 patients yearly, paid its newly-hired employees the regional minimum wage of P353, its regular employees wages slightly above the minimum, and the longest-standing maternity employee a mere P10,000 monthly.

“Employees who are responsible for the safe birth of a lot of babies should be given wages that are close to the living wage. It is simply horrendous that Cebu Maternity Hospital gave its employees a libing (burial) wage and is now killing their jobs,” Adonis added.

KMU said the employees’ demands should be heeded by the hospital’s Board of Trustees composed of the following: Dr. Iris Gerarda Jakosalem-Lastimosa, president; Dr. Ma. Lourdes Villegas, vice-president; Dr. Ma. Cristina Senerpida, secretary; Mrs. Andrada Castillo, treasurer; Mrs. Betsy Chiongbian, auditor; and 10 other members of Cebu’s political and business elite.

Reference: Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary-general, 0999-4499794
Please call Fundador Alforque, CEMHEIU-ADLO-KMU acting president, 0932-9219420