ILPS solidarity message to Climate Walkers, we must seek accountability

November 8, 2014

By Kalikasan PNE
Naderev Sano calls on U.N. countries to take urgent action to tackle climate change.

Naderev Sano calls on U.N. countries to take urgent action to tackle climate change. Image by Janek Skarznski

Kudos and solidarity to Naderev ‘Yeb’ Sano and all the climate walkers who trekked from kilometer zero to the ground zero to demand justice for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and as you put it, “walking for the survival of every creature.”

The International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) salutes your 1,000-kilometer, 40-day climate walk to educate and move the people, government units and world leaders to take real actions to address climate change. We commend your great effort in highligthing the plight of our people especially the victims of disasters to the local and international media.

We have witnessed the aftermath of Typhoon Haiayan in Visayas region and Palawan province — people caught unprepared, claiming thousands of lives, and ruined millions of livelihood and properties. Communities were completely destroyed by flood wherein millions were affected. And up to now, hundred of thousands are still reeling and struggling from the devastation.

A year after, the Aquino government fails to fully assist the victims of Haiayan and is foot-dragging in rehabilitating the disaster-affected areas. Billion-peso international donations and public funds for the recovery of Haiayan victims are mired by corruption.

The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to the impacts of climate change yet the Aquino government continue to put our people to greater risk to natural disasters by implementing anti-people and anti-environment policies like the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 which further allows private corporations to plunder our mineral resources and destroy the environment.

Climate change and global warming are results of the unprecedented destruction of the environment and plunder of people’s resources. While in poor countries like the Philippines, people are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change because of abject poverty and lack of disaster preparedness resulting from government neglect and adherence to neoliberal globalization policies. Social services like health and education, which are government’s primary responsibilities are being privatized, paving way for profit-driven corporations to provide such services. Lands and natural resouces, particularly in peasants and indigenous peoples communities, are being controlled and exploited by multinational companies.

We continue to be a dumping ground of dirty fossil fuel products and technologies. The Aquino government, in collusion with private corporations, allow the proliferation of pollutive coal power plants. As the government fails to develop our indigenous and renewable energy resources, we continue to be dependent of  imported diesel, oil and coal to power the country.

These grim socio-economic and environmental factors continue to devastate the lives of our people and aggravate their vulnerability to climate change.

As climate advocates, we demand climate justice. We demand responsibility and accountability from the culprits of climate disasters here and abroad.

On the 1st anniversary of Typhoon Haiayan disaster, we remember the fateful day. We voice out and struggle for our demands.

Justice to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and all disasters! Hold the Aquino government for its criminal negligence!###