Live up the legacy of the Battle of Makahambus! Reject US base in Lumbia Airport!

June 2, 2016


As we commemorate the 116th anniversary of the Battle of Makahambus, the youth should live up the legacy of patriotism and service to the masses of this historical struggle. We should gain inspiration from this event as we advance our strong condemnation of the installation of US military base in Lumbia Airport.

More than lighting candles, offering flowers and sharing online posts about the slain heroes, we should bring back in the memory of the Kagay-anons and Filipino people of the victory we had against the American soldiers, putting into light the people’s collective action.

The Battle of Makahambus was one of the few victories won by the Filipinos over the Americans during the Philippine-American War. It was fought on June 4, 1900 in Cagayan de Misamis (now Cagayan de Oro City). This was under the command of Colonel Apolinar Velez of the Maguindanao Battalion. American losses totaled as many as 20 dead and wounded. Our soldiers however, suffered only 1 killed and 3 wounded, making this battle a victory for our country during the war.

But the Aquino administration blatantly disregards the blood shed by our Filipino heroes. Just this year, Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro City have been included among the five (5) “agreed locations” for EDCA, where military bases will be installed for US troops and facilities. This is revolting! The Filipino people are enraged with the US-Aquino government for aggravating the entrance of US troops in the country, especially in the city. Hence, Aquino did showed his candid puppetry of the US, where he is willing to give in what his real bosses’ interest in expense of the national patrimony and territorial integrity.

Hence, we called unto all our patriotic youth and Filipino people to remember the historic events in our city and country. We should not obliterate the struggle of our local and national heroes who fought up to their last breath, just to salvage us from the US aggression and intervention. The Battle of Makahambus proved us the decisiveness of collective action in fighting for our national sovereignty and patrimony.

In a country still suffering with the same old problems, there is no better option but to continue and be embolden with the unfinished battle Col. Velez and the Kagayanon soldiers started. Let us take aspiration from this battle in intensifying our demand against the reoccupation of US troops in the city.

This June 4, 2016, let us celebrate the victory of our heroes, together with our echoing demand to: Junk EDCA and other lopsided agreements with the US! Reject US military base in Lumbia Airport!

*The League is one in the frontlines on the protest action this coming June 4 at Kiosko Kagawasan, Cagayan de Oro City. #


KRISTINE CABARDO, LFS-NMR Chairperson, 0936-206-3404