Lumad evacuation center’s burning shows Aquino govt’s cruelty

February 24, 2016


We are outraged by the burning of the Lumad evacuation center in Haran, Davao City. We point our fingers to paramilitary group Alamara, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, anti-Lumad politician Nancy Catamco, and ultimately Pres. Noynoy Aquino as responsible for this crime. These criminals have been intensifying their harassment of the Lumad and have been serving big foreign and local capitalists who want to evict the Lumad from their land in favor of plantation, mining and logging operations.

This crime, which wounded five people including two children, is part of the political repression that the Aquino regime has been carrying out against the Lumad. It highlights the Aquino regime’s cruelty towards the Lumad, who have been the target of intensified human rights violations for years now. It is part of the Aquino regime’s fascist counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan, which attacks even ordinary civilians who are only fighting for their rights and harms even children in the process.

Committed one day before the anniversary of EDSA People Power 1, this crime against the Lumad, workers, and the Filipino people is another confirmation that things have not fundamentally changed 30 years after the uprising. Militarization in the countryside, grave violations of human rights, impunity for the military, and repression of those fighting for their lives and liberty – all of these continue despite the ouster of the US-backed Marcos dictatorship. Fascist repression is a trademark not only of the Marcos dictatorship but also of all the regimes that followed it, including the Aquinos’.

We are calling on all workers and Filipinos in the Philippines and all over the world to condemn the continuing violation of the human rights of the Lumad, and the continuing violation of human rights throughout the country under the Noynoy Aquino regime.

Reference: Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson, 0908-1636597