No to Martial Law in Mindanao! Condemn US hand in Marawi siege – KMU

May 24, 2017


National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno joins the Filipino people in calling for peace and justice in Mindanao. We condemn the violent attacks against the people of Marawi City that endangered the lives and liberty of civilians.

We reject President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of Martial law in Mindanao. It is unjustified and would only put the lives of civilians in peril. Duterte’s Martial Law would not resolve but even further escalate tensions in Mindanao by paving way to state-terrorism under the rule of war mongers and human rights violators in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Hours before Duterte’s martial law declaration, the AFP has started to bombard the city with artillery and aerial bombings endangering the lives of civilians trapped inside the City.

We call on President Duterte to revoke his martial Law declaration and instead use his strong influence in Mindanao to engage in diplomatic talks with the Maute group together with Moro and other religious leaders, local executives and influential elders to come up with agreements that would peacefully resolve the conflict.

US hand behind Marawi siege
We have every reason to believe that the Marawi siege is a United States government instigated false flag operation in response to President Duterte’s recent moves to veer away from the US and build stronger relations with China and Russia.

The Marawi siege came after Duterte visited China and during his visit in Russia and forged greater economic, political and military ties with two of the US’ biggest rivals. After having been turned down and even assailed by Duterte on Russian television, the US mobilized their lackeys in the Defense Department and National Security Council to sow terror in Marawi under the guise of a “surgical” anti-terror operation against Isnilon Hapilon, an alleged leader of the US-backed ISIS in the Philippines.

This is another reason why we call on President Duterte to revoke his Martial Law declaration as it would only serve the interests of the US. With Martial Law in place and with top US henchmen DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, National Security adviser Hermohenes Esperon and AFP Chief of Staff Eduardo Año in command, the US has a stronger hold on the country’s political and military affairs.

We call on Filipino workers and people to condemn the US for using civilians in Marawi City as hostage to enforce their imperialist rule over the Philippines. We call on President Duterte to stand with the Filipino people in asserting our sovereignty against US intervention.