On the SC ruling on EDCA

January 12, 2016


We condemn the Supreme Court for declaring the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement as constitutional. We accuse the majority of the SC justices of carrying out orders from Pres. Noynoy Aquino who has exceeded previous presidents when it comes to puppetry to the US.

EDCA means the spread of US bases all over the country. It further violates Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity, further endangers Filipino lives and properties, and further imperils the environment. The SC decision on the EDCA plunges the Philippines deeper into neocolonial relations with the US.

The SC made the ruling less than two weeks before the anniversary of the bloodbath in Mamasapano, which was ordered by the US and involved US military presence in the country. EDCA is a neocolonial, not a nationalist, response to China’s incursions into Philippine territory.

We vow to intensify our fight for an end to US military presence in the country and for the junking of treaties upholding such presence. We vow to intensify our struggle for a Philippines that is genuinely free from US imperialism.

Reference: Jerome Adonis, KMU secretary-general, 0999-4499794