P10 COLA insufficient for cost-of-living

June 1, 2016

“Noy told: Workers are not beggars!”

By All Workers Unity

All Workers Unity (AWU) lambasts Aquino for treating workers as beggars with the P10 COLA that can hardly buy half-kilo of rice nor pay an MRT one-way fare. In contrast, incoming PresidentDutertewho promised to stop contractualization, is urged to end poverty wages in the country due to the regional wage system and replace it with the national minimum wage in the amount of P750 daily.

The broad campaign center for private-public-agricultural sectors explains that the P10 hike exposes how the RWBs works well for the likes of Cojuangco-Aquino’s since their mandate is to press down wages by controlling and preventing substantial increases. The RWBs’ only purpose is to legalize poverty wages with extreme disregard to the rising costs of living all over the country.

According to AWU Spokesperson Alex Alegre, “Up to the last few days in office and power, Aquino proved with the P10 COLA that he is heartless, rude and anti-worker. President Duterte should completely avoid the crooked path of ‘Daang Matuwid’ and help workers survive the enormous cost-of-living with the national minimum wage of P750 daily.”

The resulting NCR wage rate of P491, highest in the country, remains to be way below half of the P1089 Family Living Wage or the amount needed by a family to live decently.

Regional wage in Metro Manila will be P454 in agriculture (plantations, non-plantation); retail/service with 15 workers and less; manufacturing with less than 10 workers. Non-agriculture enterprises, including private hospitals with bed capacity of 100 or less will now be mandated to pay P491 per day. The Regional Wage Board (RWB) in NCR claimed the P10 COLA will allow workers to cope with the rising cost of basic goods and services in the region.

The P10 COLA will be added to the Metro Manila minimum wage effective tomorrow, June 2, 2016. The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board-National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR) approved Wage Order No. NCR-20. The five-page wage order also integrates the P15 COLA that was approved last year to the basic pay.

The P10 hike insults TUCP’s for P154 or P653 nationwide minimum wage petition and the ACT2WIN alliance, led by KMU, FFW, AFW, and others supporting the call for a national minimum wage of P750 daily.

“There is more reason for all trade unions, centers and workers’ organizations to come together and reach-out to all other workers especially the growing number of contractuals. We should stand as one and stand for all workers in pushing for the abolition of the Regional Wage Boardsand implement a National Minimum Wage.”

All Workers Unity invites and welcomes all workers, employees and advocates to join the demand for the implementation of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) P750 daily for the private-agricultural sectors and (NMW) P16,000 monthly for gov’t employees.###

Reference: Alex Alegre, AWU Spokersperson 09278888542, (02) 7425142