Solidarity with disaster survivors creates global surge

November 8, 2014

#RememberHaiyan ‘global surge’ protests for justice reach Hongkong, US, Europe, take the internet by storm

By People Surge
International groups join the mass protest in Tacloban on the first anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan.

International groups join the mass protest in Tacloban on the first anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan. Image by Vencer Crisostomo

In solidarity with survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and other disasters, international groups joined the mass demonstration in Tacloban today, while different organizations abroad mounted solidarity actions and joined the global online #RememberHaiyan campaign that called for justice for victims of the Aquino government’s neglect.

“Support from the international community continues to pour in, not just in the form of continuing aid, but also in waging political actions that expose and hold to account the criminal negligence of the Aquino government, as well as the global system of injustice perpetuated by advanced capitalist countries and their big business corporations,” said People Surge Chairperson Dr. Efleda Bautista.

Chapters of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle in the Philippines, Hong Kong, various states in the United States (US) and Europe are staging protests and other solidarity actions to mark the anniversary of Yolanda.

Meanwhile, delegates from overseas groups such as Gabriela USA, One Billion Rising, and Oregon Fair Trade Campaign are joining the 20,000 people march in Tacloban today. Prior to the November 8 march, international women’s groups led by Gabriela and One Billion Rising participated in the commemoration of Yolanda by holding the Women’s International Solidarity Mission, which investigated impacts of the disaster and flawed government responses affecting women and children. WISM documented reports of sex trafficking, displacement and additional burden for women.

International climate action campaign supported the People Surge’s actions and demands for social and climate justice, amplifying the voice of Yolanda survivors by reaching out to its network of 500,000 climate activists and environmental advocates in social media. They are also raising funds to sustain much-needed recovery and rehabilitation needs through the online crowdfunding Climate Relief Fund (visit the online donation facility at

In a joint statement with People Surge and IBON International, over 130 organizations across the globe have also declared November 8 as International Day for Climate-Affected Communities, urging “climate-impacted communities and their organizations to unite in demanding justice and system change.” (The full statement can be found here:

“People Surge echoes the global demand for climate justice, as it recognizes the culpability of industrialized countries like the US in accelerating climate change. Climate change severely impacts extremely vulnerable countries like the Philippines, whose resources have been plundered and ecological systems destroyed all for the sake of profit of big global companies,” added Bautista.

Data from IBON International cite that more than 60,000 deaths occur every year due to disasters. Most of these deaths are caused by weather-related disasters, which have tripled since the 1960s. The changing climate has also caused reduction in crop yields, displacement due to storms and flooding, and ultimately the aggravation of poverty in poor countries.

“Our plight is the plight of the earth’s poor. We call for justice for all victims, and for solidarity among the poor. We need a global surge that will shake up this rotten system that starves farmers, steals from workers, and kills the vulnerable,” said Bautista.###

Reference: Dr. Efleda K. BautistaChairperson, People Surge – Alliance for Yolanda survivors – 09394781340