Strengthen unity of workers and peasants and lead struggles against the next administration

May 1, 2016


Farmers all over the country under the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) expressed solidarity and tribute to all working people on the occasion of International Labor Day and at the same time reminded Filipinos to prepare for more turbulent times ahead.

“We must all brace for the next administration. The upcoming May 9 national elections will just be a changing of guards in Malacanang,” says KMP chairperson Rafael Mariano.

“As long as the next president remains as chief representative of the ruling clique of landlord and big business and national policies burdening the people are in place, there will be no meaningful and long-lasting reforms beyond election day,” Mariano added.

“For the country to genuinely develop and achieve significant social, economic and political reforms, workers and peasants should strengthen our ranks and galvanize our struggles,” Mariano said, adding that peasantry’s thoroughgoing assertion for genuine land reform is closely linked to the strategic goal of national industrialization that will foster genuine economic growth and eradication of unemployment and poverty.

“We are one with the workers in their fight against neoliberal attacks on labor that have severely weakened and disunited the ranks of workers – globalization that led to massive contractualization and flexibilization of labor, disintegration of labor unions and institutionalization of low wages and inhumane working conditions. These are unacceptable conditions imposed by local and foreign big businesses and landlords upon Filipino workers.”

“It is high time for workers to stand up and fight back to claim and assert their historical role in leading the Filipino people’s struggle for genuine social change,” the peasant leader said.

Mariano said farmers will continue to heighten campaign for land, food and justice across the country. ###