Students hold US-Duterte accountable for mass murder, demand justice for victims of fascism

August 24, 2017

By League of Filipino Students

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) demands justice for all victims of extrajudicial killings. The recent casualty in Duterte’s drug war is Kian delos Santos, a 17-year old grade 11 student. Amidst all evidences pointing to police brutality, the Philippine National Police, along with other state elements, continue to blame the victim and utilize their script on falsified reports.

“Duterte insists that his drug war is a fulfillment of his promise to protect the people and the country—he is lying through his teeth. He maintains his image of a great protector while he continues to butcher the masses, the poor, through the Philippine National Police. His men remains to be primary, their welfare priority over the people’s concern: he enables them to terrorize the people, protects them from grave violations, and rewards them for every single body they drop,” Rosos continued.

Duterte retains his stance that his anti-drug campaign is the right path to truly destroy the ‘drug menace’ in the country. His war on drugs has now taken 13,000 lives, majority, if not all, are members of the basic masses, ordinary citizens while foreign drug mules, known personalities, individuals coming from political and influential families call for due process and are subjected to processes of the law.

Rosos emphasized that by this light, we see where the US-Duterte’s alliance lies. “The fascist dictatorship is willing to kill more Filipinos on sight for possessing two sachets of shabu while cases tied in millions or billions grants druglords protection from the state.”

“Duterte is not a socialist, nor a man of the people—he is a mass murderer,” Rosos added.

Rise of US-Duterte fascist dictatorship

The rise of killings, the escalating fascism is how the state answered the legitimate demands of the people. Farmers who continue to fight for the right to their land, workers on wage and just working conditions, students for free education, among others—these are demands the government is unable to give us, not just because it is inutile or its officials counterproductive, but the mere fact that the nature of this administration, and all puppet regimes it has followed, has never been for the people but for the US imperialist.

“Regardless of all Duterte’s statements on an independent foreign policy and talks with other imperialist countries such as Russia and China, his ties with the US government remains. His threats and insults bear no gravity as he continues to bend over and serve the imperialist like the bloodhound that he is,” Rosos said.

Rosos pointed out that lopsided agreements remain, foreign military troops and forces intervening and aggravating the crisis in Marawi. Economic policies remain tied with US dictated programs. The education sector faces neoliberal attacks in the form of colonial, commercial, and fascist education system. The K-12 program is a clear example of how the youth are bred to become docile workers, training them to be passive in the face of rights’ violations.

“The people are angry. It is apparent that policies under the US-Duterte dictatorship are attacks on the people’s democratic rights and the right to voice their demands. The dominance of the US imperialist in the Philippines and how it connives with the local ruling class, utilizes military forces and other state elements will cause worsening conditions for the people—this is more than enough to justify the rage of the masses,” Rosos added.

August 25 marks the Black Friday protest against the rise of extrajudicial killings and the demand for justice for 13,000 victims. In support of Kian delos Santos, students and youth organizations will join the funeral march on August 27 and hold protests for justice on August 31, dubbed as the “National Day of Walkout for Justice against US-Duterte Fascist Dictatorship.”

“The US imperialist is desperate to further abuse and exploit the people so that it can ensure its grasp on the Philippines, pacify the people and their democratic rights by intensifying fascism, and use the guise of anti-terrorism to justify its presence in the country. All of this, done through Duterte, its number one lapdog in the country,” Rosos continued.

“The youth must oppose these attacks with force greater than what the state is using against us, now more than ever. We must expose that Duterte, the state, exists as an instrument of the imperialist and local capitalists to subdue the masses and from there, we fight, head on,” Rosos ended.