Students on 118th year of Fil-Am war: US imperialist, no.1 terrorist

February 4, 2017


“As we remember the bloody Filipino-American War that started several decades ago, we recall the atrocities committed by the US state forces to our people. After 118 years, the imperialist US remains to be the number 1 terrorist of our time”.

This is the statement of League of Filipino Students (LFS) National Spokesperson JP Rosos on Saturday morning as they march towards to the Embassy of the United States of America in Manila.

“In the name of gaining more profit, US imperialism intensified the desecration of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of different countries. To achieve their objectives, it has perpetrated different acts of abomination that resulted into the massacre of countless lives and numerous violations of human rights,” said Rosos.

Rosos recalled that during the Filipino-American war from February 4, 1899 until July 4, 1902, the imperialist US killed 1.5 million Filipino people. He noted that almost 1/7 of the Philippine population were massacred including children aged 10 and above. The youth leader also said that the violations of human rights continue even after the war.

“When they (US troops) stayed in our country through the Military Bases Agreement, our countrymen experienced persecution and human rights violations. Children were shot for fun and were treated like pigs. Even after their return through the Visiting Forces Agreement, cases of killings, rape, and other violations continue. Worse, not a single American soldier was held accountable,” said Rosos.

According to Rosos, the building of US bases under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) is reminiscent of the vicious US occupation in the Philippines. He pointed out that allowing the imperialist US to re-occupy the country is an unacceptable insult to our heroes who fought for freedom. Rosos stressed that EDCA is a complete sell out of our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. He added that the regime will be placing the lives of the Filipino people in danger by pushing through the construction of US bases in the country.

“We are not fools to accept EDCA, the return of U.S. bases in the Philippines, and the de-facto reoccupation of US in our country. They cannot make us believe that this is beneficial to the interests of the Filipino people,” said Rosos.

US war of terrorism, a sham
The LFS also chided the US for its campaign against terrorism. Rosos slammed the refusal of the imperialist US government to accept the entry of immigrants from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, and Yemen.

“It is ridiculous that Trump banned the people from these seven countries because he tagged them as producers of terrorists. We want to remind him that the US imperialist government have been conducting wars of aggressions in these countries. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen have suffered several bombings executed by US while Iran and Sudan were punished with heavy sanctions. If there is any big terrorist out there, it is the imperialist US government that killed millions of people in these countries,” said Rosos.

According to Rosos, the war on terrorism is an old excuse for US wars of aggressions in Muslim countries. US imperialism, Rosos added, wants to control these countries for their rich oil supply and other natural resources.

“Trump wanted a large scale campaign against Muslims. His immigration ban is a foreboding act. It is a prelude that US imperialism wants to launch another all-out military offensive under the guise of war against terrorism. It is a prelude to grave human rights violations caused by another round of US wars of aggressions,” Rosos said.

“While Trump is being hypocritical in his so-called protection of his country’s borders and territories, US imperialism continues to violate Philippine national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is the height of irony that Trump bans people from entering America but US imperialist government continues to assert building their military bases in the Philippines,” Rosos added.

Rosos also slammed the US government for its refusal to delist legitimate revolutionary groups like the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army in its terrorist list. The youth pointed out that unlike these groups, the wars of aggressions and wanton violation of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and human rights committed by the imperialist US are only based of increasing their profit – nothing of noble cause.

“The imperialist US government does not have a single right to talk about terrorism when they are the largest terrorist organization in the whole world. We refuse to sit still and allow them to continue with their atrocious acts under their bogus war on terrorism,” Rosos said.

Continuing Fight Against US imperialist
“As we remember the Filipino-American war, we pledge in the memory of our great heroes that the youth will continue to fight back for our freedom. We will stop at nothing in demanding the junking of EDCA and the removal of US bases, troops, equipment, and war materiel in the country,” said Rosos.

“Our unity is our weapon. We have strength in numbers. We enjoin every Filipino to link arms and smash imperialism. Now is the time to rise up and end the centuries of exploitation and oppression perpetrated by imperialism,” Rosos ended. ###