UP students greet class opening with protests against SAIS and eUP project

August 9, 2016

By Anakbayan

University of the Philippines students in Diliman and other campuses greeted the class opening with protest actions against the Student Academic Information System (SAIS) and the eUP Project.

“Despite their appearance as a data management and information integration system, the substandard SAIS and eUP Project are rip-offs led by UP President Alfred Pascual to gain more profits from the commercialization of education,” said Anakbayan UP Diliman Chairperson Kenji Muramatsu.

Protests calling for the stopping of the eUP program and transparency in the handling of funds have rocked the UP Los Baños, UP Diliman, and other campuses in recent weeks. This followed the disastrous and glitch-ridden enrolment process in UP Los Baños where many students were unable to enlist their subjects because of repeated server crashes.

“The Pascual administration’s eUP program is another face of the continuing neoliberal attacks on education, with UP becoming the testing ground for profit-making schemes guised under the cloak of innovating and improving UP’s information systems,” said Muramatsu.

Anakbayan condemned the handing over to private corporations like Oracle and ePLDT of UP’s information systems and particular student-related institutional processes at the expense of student welfare and to the benefit of corporate profits.

“The overblown budget of 700 million for the failed eUP system could have been used for more immediate student services and subsidies,” said Muramatsu.

Reference: Vencer Crisostomo, 09399207114, @venzie