US meddling in Marawi tramples PH’s sovereignty

June 12, 2017

By Kilusang Mayo Uno

Joining today’s protests to commemorate the 119th Philippine Independence Day, national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno condemned the government of the United States of America for its continued intervention in the country amidst the continuing armed conflict in Marawi City.

“Filipino workers cannot commemorate national independence while a foreign power continue to trample our country’s sovereignty and patrimony. It was the US that instigated the armed crisis in Marawi. It is the US’ meddling that has escalated this conflict which has already, killed, injured, displaced and violated the rights of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos,” said KMU secretary general Jerome Adonis.

The KMU insisted that the conflict in Marawi was US instigated citing that the crisis came after President Rodrigo Duterte forged greater economic, political and military ties with China and Russia which threatens the US’ geopolitical and economic interests in the Philippines.

“The Marawi siege was the US’ response to Duterte’s pro-China and pro-Russia leanings. The US mobilized their henchmen defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana, National Security adviser Hermohenes Esperon and AFP Chief of Staff Eduardo Año to sow terror in Mindanao under the guise of an anti-terror operation against Isnilon Hapilon, an alleged leader of the US-backed ISIS in the Philippines,” said Adonis.

The labor leader meanwhile challenged President Duterte to live by his pronouncements of an independent foreign policy and reject the US’ continued intervention in the country.

“President Duterte must standby his independent foreign policy pronouncements by rejecting the US’ continued intervention. He should put his anti-US colonialism words into action by driving-off their troops away from our country. This is only way for Duterte to prove that his foreign policy is genuinely independent,” Adonis said.

KMU also called on Duterte to lift his martial law in Mindanao saying not only has it given license to the military’s brutal attack against the workers and people’s rights and civil liberties, it also gives the US a stronger foothold over the country’s political, economic and military affairs.

“Duterte’s martial law not only gives license to the military’s fascist attacks against the people, it also gives license to further US intervention. With their top henchmen in command of the authoritarian rule in Mindanao, the US has now a stronger foothold over the country’s political, economic and military affairs. This is exactly what the US is after in instigating the Marawi conflict,” said Adonis.

Adonis ended by calling on Filipino workers and people to condemn the US for using civilians in Marawi City as hostage to enforce their imperialist rule over the Philippines and to unite and fight for national sovereignty against US intervention.