“We stand with the Kurds in Afrin against Turkish invasion” – ILPS-Phils

January 22, 2018

Solidarity Statement

The Philippines Chapter of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS-Phils) stands in solidarity with the Kurdish people in Afrin, Northern Syria defending against the latest Turkish military invasion, intervention and acts of aggression.

The long war in Syria instigated by imperialists powers has taken a heavy toll on the people. Afrin has taken Syrian war refugees in the last five years doubling its population to 400,000. They are now under heavy attack.

The invading Turkish army launched an airstrike on Afrin on Saturday with 69 warplanes. The bombardment targeted the Afrin city centre as well as civilian communities in Shera, Sherawa , Raco and Bilbile districts. Fierce fighting is now raging on the ground.

The ILPS-Phils stands with the defense force for Syrian Kurds and other ethnicities living in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), also known as “Rojava,” including Afrin. They have successfully fought back the ISIS in Syria, set up democratic governing councils and assisted war refugees with minimal international aid.

We laud the Kurdish defense forces, including the YPG and the women’s YPJ, in taking a heroic stand against all terrorists including the state terrorism of Turkey and its imperialist sponsors, first by the U.S. and now by Russia.

The Kurdish people can thwart the cross-border incursion of the Turkish military as they finely demonstrated in Kobane and inside Turkey itself.

Afrin will not be another Kobane. We call on the international community to denounce the Erdogan government for the Turkish invasion of Afrin and make it pay for its war crimes and atrocities in Turkey and in Syria.

The people will prevail. The struggle for the liberation of the Kurdish people deserves the fullest support of all anti-imperialist and democratic forces around the world.

Defend Afrin!
Crush the Turkish invasion!
Long live international solidarity!